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The dentist in West Allis is a clinic of dental care, for the public. We have the latest technical and best equipment means to respond to the people requirements they put themselves in our hands. We apply all our knowledge at the service of each patient based on his or her diagnosis and treatment. Emergency dental West Allis offers modern facilities, advanced surgery, Digital radiology, latest technologies, care areas and information to patients. We have thought of a patient-oriented clinic, with big spaces that unite with the privacy required for you to feel like a home. Our design plan has been thought to build your reside easier and your companions. Here we help you to use a proper dental care technique. The recommended dental care is one that allows the elimination of the bacterial plaque in a comfortable way, in an appropriate time and without causing any type of injury in the tissues.

Dentist in West Allis helps all patients to smile without complexes, expressing their own personality throughout a healthy mouth. We want to help everybody to get a full life. A happy society is a healthy society, and from dental services. We are trained in healthy oral habits from an early age to old age through direct contact and communication with patients and their environment. We follow development and excellence constantly, being engines of progress for other professionals who see us as a reference and want to imitate us, for the common good. We practice emotional dentistry, where the patient and the maintenance of his pieces is the initial aim. We perform techniques that are more intrusive and with a focus solely based on health when the diagnosis indicates it.

Committed to Dental Excellence

West Allis dental care has the art equipment condition the best human capital and with very comfortable facilities and. Our true separation is quality dentistry as a necessary service. That we must build available to all of our patients.  The patient is the protagonist in West Allis dental clinic because it is the center of all our work ensuring their dental health. Thanks to the fact that we have all the specialties we can get a worldwide vision of every problem. Thus, find the ideal therapeutic planning for each case. So the patient makes the decision, consensual, and above all, very healthy knowledge.

Dr. Michael Martinez

Master of Dentistry


Personal Attention

We study and contrast each case to offer a personal service. Our vocation is contributed positively and service to the lives of people. Each day our quality standard will enlarge. We feel obligated and committed to this. We understand modernism as a concept that encompasses all our everyday efforts in the detection of excellence. It is continually seeking the contribution of value to the patient in dental health to innovate develop. There is a management team as a support to the excellent team of dental professionals. This team assists patients personally, ensuring a personalized treatment, ensuring the safety of all and analyzing the variables that represent an improvement area. The patient oral health development is our main objective. We want to give services to the patient for providing health and well-being.

West Allis dental care will always have the best dental professionals, with continuous training in development in health, and dedicated to the patient. We look for excellence to bring the best of each of us to the Society. We are faithful to the most rigorous medical ethics principles to propose the appropriate treatment to each patient with the sole objective. Our commitment is to contribute to the Society a small of our knowledge to support healthy and coherent life habits.

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    We are the private health network with the greatest coverage in the world, offering access to quality health to all the families of Chile, placing them at the center of our work and treating them with particular empathy and warmth. Patients are our main priority it is for them that we struggle every day to receive a respectful, kind and quality care, shortening the waiting times. In this way, we can enlarge our medical service efficiency.

    We have our own prosthetic equipment and laboratory with which we can work side by side to achieve the greatest excellence in our prostheses, with the latest technology. We are a great team of professionals, collegiate, experts, and graduates and specialized in all branches of dentistry. This is to be capable to solve any problem and get our patients to get quality dental work. We invite you to a first visit west Allis dental clinic. Our dentists will value and make a treatment plan adapted to your needs as a team.

    Experience and Quality

    We are excellence in the quality of care and a constant and visible relationship with our patients.

    Trust and Security

    We respond to the expectations of our patients and our professionals.

    Qualified Work

    Training, experience and empathy with our patients make our team a good reason to trust your oral health.

    Qualified Professionals

    We know that our patients seek commitment, effective treatments and exclusive attention.

    Patient Care

    Our patient care team ensures that the patient's stay is a friendly, comfortable and effective experience.

    Our Philosophy

    We have the latest technologies at West Allis dental clinic. We are in continuous growth and we want to make it popular to you. All patients are treated separately, making a thorough clinical history to rule out possible pathologies. That may delay or prevent the requested treatment and we have the most up to date technology to apply our treatments. Your opinion and your suggestions are the most important for us. Our professionals are always attentive to the latest news and have complete training.

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